Monday, 9 March 2015

Learn Late Cornish Bit by Bit 61 (Bits of the Day)

Bits of the Day

howl                                                  sun
howlderevel[1]                                 sunrise
mettin                                               morning
dedh                                                 day
hanter dedh                                     noon, midday
dohajedh                                          afternoon
howlsedhes                                     sunset
gorthüher                                         an evening
nos (f)                                                a night
hanter nos                                        midnight
loor                                                    moon
mortid                                                tide

Thera howlsedhes teg.                    There was a beautiful sunset.
Ma’n mortid o moas mes.               The tide is going out.
Ma’n mortid en derevel.                  The tide is rising. The tide is coming in.
Mortid e’n mettin tra veth na dal.   A tide in the morning is worth nothing.

[1] howldereval or howldreval in RLC

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