Sunday, 8 May 2016

Personal Likes and Dislikes 2 (hating and disliking)

Sometimes saying you do not like something is not strong enough. You want to say you hate something. In Cornish we say that "hating is with us" (an opposite of "good is with us"). (slightly different SWFM version of spelling underneath SWFLt)

… ew cas genam
…yw kas genev
I hate …

Cas ew genam
Kas yw genev …
I hate…
Hedn ew cas genam.         
Henn yw kas genev.
I hate that.
Cas ew genam hedna.
Kas yw genev henna.
I hate that.

To ask someone what they hate you ask what is "hate with them", or whether something is "hate with them".
Ew cas geno whei …?
Yw kas genowgh …?
Do you hate …?
Pandr’ew cas geno whei?
Pyth yw kas genowgh?      
What do you hate?
Ew hedna cas geno whei?         
Yw henna kas genowgh?
Do you hate that?
Ew cas geno whei hedna?
Yw kas genowgh henna?   
Do you hate that?

To say that you do not hate something you say that it is "not hate with you".
Nag ew cas genam …       
Nyns yw kas genev …
I do not hate …
Nag ew cas genam hedna.         
Nyns yw kas genev henna.
I do not hate that.
Nag ew hedna cas genam.         
Nyns yw henna kas genev.
I do not hate that.
The opposite of da good is generally taken to be drog bad, but Drog ew genam can also be used to mean I regret or I’m sorry
The opposite of gwell better is lacka or gweth worse. So, if you want to say you hate something more or you dislike something more, instead of saying something is "hate with you", you say it is "worse with you".
Gweth ew genam … 
Gweth yw genev …           
Lacka ew genam …
Lakka yw genev …
I dislike more …
Hedn ew gweth genam.
Henn yw gweth genev …   
Hedn ew lacka genam.
Henn yw lakka genev …
I dislike that more.
Gweth ew genam hedna.
Gweth yw genev henna.              
Lacka ew genam hedna.
Lakka yw genev henna.    
I dislike that more.

Here are some examples:
Hogednow ew cas genam.         
Hwiogennow yw kas genev.
I hate pasties.
Ew cas geno whei eva dowr?
Yw kas genowgh eva dowr?
Do you hate drinking water?
Lacka ew genam leth.
Lakka yw genev leth.        
I dislike milk more.
Nag ew cas genam gwin. 
Nyns yw kas genev gwin.
I do not hate wine.


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