Saturday, 7 May 2016

Personal Likes and Dislikes 1 (da genam)

We’ve talked a bit about who we are and about our ages, occupations and looks. When we get to know each other more we get to explore our personalities, our likes and dislikes. There is a verb for to love or like (more about this later), but in RLC we tend not to use it for loving something. Instead we say something is good with us, whether that is an object or an activity. Word order depends on what you want to stress.
(SWFM spelling in brackets – though RMC users might prefer to use the verb <kara> to love.)
… ew da genam
(SWFM yw da genev)         
I like …


Da ew genam …
(SWFM Da yw genev…)
I like …
Hedn ew da genam. 
 (SWFM Henn yw da genev.)

I like that.
Da ew genam hedna.         
(SWFM Da yw genev henna.)
I like that.
To ask someone what they like you ask what is good with them, or whether something is good with them.
Ew da gena whei …?         
(SWFM Yw da genowgh …?)
Do you like … ?
Pandr’ew da gena whei?
(SWFM Pyth yw da genowgh?)
What do you like?
Ew hedna da gena whei?
(SWFM Yw henna da genowgh?)
Do you like that?
Ew da gena whei hedna?
(SWFM Da yw da genev henna.)
Do you like that?

To say that you do not like something you say that it is not good with you.

Nag ew da genam …
(SWFM Nyns yw da genev …)
I do not like …
Nag ew da genam hedna. 
(SWFM Nyns yw da genev henna.)
I do not like that.
Nag ew hedna da genam. (SWFM Nyns yw henna da genev.)
I do not like that.

You might want to say you prefer something. So, instead of saying something is good with you, you say it is better with you.

Gwell ew genam …   
(SWFM Gwell yw genev ...)
I prefer …
Hedn ew gwell genam.
(SWFM Henn yw gwell genev.)
I prefer that.
Gwell ew genam hedna.
(SWFM Gwell yw genev henna.)
I prefer that.

Here are some examples:

Hogednow ew da genam. 
(SWFM Hwiogennow yw da genev.)
I like pasties.
Da ew genam eva gwin.
(SWFM Da yw genev eva gwin.)
I like drinking wine.
Ew da gena whei cor’?
(SWFM Yw da genowgh korev?)
Do you like beer?
Ew lavalow da gena whei?         
(SWFM Yw lavalow da genowgh?)
Do you like fruit?
Nag ew da genam keus.
(SWFM Nyns yw da genev keus.)
I do not like cheese.
Nag ew pesk da genam.
(SWFM Nyns yw pysk da genev.)
I do not like fish.
Gwell ew genam gwary rugby.
(SWFM Gwell yw genev gwari rugbi.)
I prefer playing rugby.
Dehen rew ew gwell genam. (SWFM Dehen rew yw gwell genev.)         
I prefer ice cream.

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