Saturday, 12 November 2016

Pick and Mix 2

Can you find the right words and phrases in the previous posts to work out what the following simple sentences mean? Some of the sentences have a shorter subject and a longer predicate. Some of them have a longer subject but a shorter predicate.

1.  An re na a wra doas.
2.  An gath na wrüg gwary obma.
3.  Den coth a wra clanhe sür.
4.  An dhama skentel wrüg desky ena.
5.  Ma hei o redya en trûan.
6.  Anjei wrüg resek en üskis.
7.  An vergh a wra cana der vaner teg.
8.  Ma'n kei gwydn y vlew o moas.
9.  Thero vy o tesky war an Sadorn.
10. Mester Gov gwadn y lev a ganas en lent.  

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