Friday, 22 May 2015

Learn Late Cornish Bit by Bit 79 (A Bit About Time)

A Bit About Time

Telling the time by the clock may use some of our prepositions, e.g.:

er glogh[1]                                       o’clock
dhe                                                   to
òja[2]                                                after, past
hont dhe                                           just after
po nebes                                          just before, nearly

Hont dhe eth er glogh ew.            It’s just after eight o’clock.
Qwarter  òja eth (er glogh) ew.    It’s a quarter past eight (o’clock).
Onan er gloh po nebes ew.          It’s just before one o’clock.
Qwarter dhe onan (er glogh) ew. It’s a quarter to one (o’clock).

[1]  RLC ar gloh. Or just use <eur> for the hour, e.g. <pemp eur> 5 o’clock
[2] SWFM <wosa>

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