Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Learn Late Cornish Bit by Bit: test your progress 1

Can you find the Bits in the preceding blogs to translate the following from Cornish to English? (Answers will be provided in a later blog.)

Exercise 1a

1.                           Ma Jory e’n gegin.
2.                           Ma hei o moas e’n gegin.
3.                           Eus keus war an bord?                   
4.                           Nag eus ├╝dn venyn reb an mor.
5.                           Ma va o tebry o aval.
6.                           Hager ew Jory
7.                           Ew an daras?
8.                          Thew beister.
9.                          Thew peth ev.
10.                        Nag ew an dhavas.

And can you find the Bits to translate the following from English to Cornish?

Exercise 1b
1.        one man
2.        on a bank
3.        It is a woman.
4.        Kate is lovely.
5.        She is not ugly.
6.        She is on a bed.
7.        He is coming.
8.        There isn’t a dog on the bank.
9.        Is there one apple on the table?
10.      Is it a sheep?

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