Thursday, 23 April 2015

Learn Late Cornish Bit by Bit 69 (What You Can Do)

A Bit About What You Can Do
We have looked at what we want to do or would like to do. 
Me  venja clappya Kernowek.         I would like to speak Cornish.
Na  vadna vy clappya Sowsnek.     I will not speak English.

Now we will look at what we are able to do. If we say we can do something we need to make it clear whether we know how to do it or whether we are allowed to do it, which may or may not amount to the same thing, e.g.:

[1]Woro whei clappya Kernowek?   
                                                     Can you (Do you know how to) speak Cornish?
Me a wor clappya Kernowek.           I can (I know how to) speak Cornish.
Na worama clappya Godhalek.        I can’t (I don’t know how to) speak Gaelic.

Na ellama clappya Kernowek dhe Sowsnegoryon.
                                                            I can’t speak Cornish to English speakers.
Ello whei clappya Kernowek haneth?  
                                                            Can you speak Cornish this evening?
Na ellen nei clappya Kernowek oll an termyn, soweth.       
                                We can’t speak Cornish all the time, unfortunately.

[1]  silent w (may be written without it)

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