Tuesday, 13 March 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 71

An Üdnegves Dedh ha Trei ügens

De Meurth, an terdhegves mis Meurth. Jorna teg dhe gerdhes o. Thera cathas helyk arhans o toas war nebes helyk ha thera losyow eyn melin war oll an coll. Mesk an gwels thera nebes brially melin, lily Corawes melin ha losow lagas melin. Thera flourys melin war an prisk eythin ewedh.
Tuesday, 13th March. It was a lovely day for walking. There were silver pussy willow catkins coming on some willow trees and there were yellow lambs’ tail catkins on all the hazels. Among the grass there were some yellow primroses, yellow daffodils and yellow celandines. There were yellow flowers on the gorse bushes as well.

E’n kyttrin me a redyas lever entanüs, scrifys gen Iseldiryades. Me a’n finsyas ken drehedhes Truru. Novel helerghyas o, settys en Kernow. Thera dew dhenladh hag üdn denladrans.
On the bus I read an exciting book, written by a Dutch woman. I finished it before reaching Truro. It was a detective novel, set in Cornwall. There were two murders and an abduction.
En Truru me a gawas kidnyow (cowl fav spisek) ha coffy, ha òja hedna thera descans Kernôwek. Nei a wrüg madra niverow, termyn, dedhyow, misyow ha sesons.
In Truro I had lunch (spicy bean soup) and coffee and after that there was a Cornish lesson. We studied numbers, time, days, months and seasons.

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