Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Personal Descriptions 8 (descriptive past)

   Of course, you are not always talking about people in the present. You may want to talk about an ancestor, a historical person, yourself as you used to be, etc. For that you need to know the descriptive past tense of <boas> be, being (SWFM <bos>). Notice that in some cases there is no difference between the past and the present (you may need to use an adverb of time to make it clear which tense you are using): 

an RMC “short form”
after description:
I was
You were
He was
She was
We were
You were
They were
Tho vy
Tho che
Tho ev
Tho hei
Tho nei
Tho whei
Tho anjei or Thens         
My o
Ty o
Ev o
Hi o
Ni o
Hwi o
I o
o vy
o che or osta
o ev or ova
o hei
o nei
o whei
o anjei or ens

Two adjectives to set the scene!
marow                               dead
bew                                    alive
Marow ew ev lebmen.       He is dead now.
Bew o ev nena.                  He was alive then.
Cleopatra o teg.                 Cleopatra was beautiful.
Hei o myternes Ejyp.      She was a queen of Egypt.
Victoria o an vyternes obma. 
                                    Victoria was the queen here.  
Playn o hei.                       She was plain.     
An den na o hager            That man was ugly
bes rych ova.                    but he was rich.
William Bodinar o den bohojek.    
                           William Bodinar was a poor man.     

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